USC Faculty featured at Dwell on Design LA

USC Faculty featured at Dwell on Design LA


Below is a handy schedule of all the USC Architecture faculty presenting at Dwell on Design LA, May 29-31, 2015 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.



12 pm
“Ehrlich Architects—from House to Courthouse"
Takashi Yanai and Patricia Rhee discuss the work and studio culture of Ehrlich Architects, the recipient of the 2015 AIA Architecture Firm Award.


1 pm
“3D Printing and Architecture”
Alvin Huang & Jenny Wu discuss their firms' exploration of 3D printing and the ways in which it can “revolutionize the industry."




12 pm
“Historic Preservation and Adaptive Reuse”
Eric Haas, Chava Danielson, and Leo Marmol discuss recent projects and explore concepts of preservation, restoration, and adaptive reuse.


1 pm
“Revitalizing the L.A. River”
Mia Lehrer discusses her contributions to the Los Angeles River Revitalization Plan, which aims to enhance flood storage and water quality, enable safe public access, and restore a functional ecosystem.




1 pm
“Modern Design for an Aging Population”
John Dutton and Barbara Bestor discuss their visions for senior housing which are “much hipper, creative, connected, and modern, both a shared place of social gathering and unabashedly part of larger neighborhoods and an urban infrastructure."


3:30 pm
“Freeways to Greenways: Envisioning New Public Spaces for Los Angeles"
John Dutton shares his transformative vision for converting Los Angeles freeways into spaces for pedestrians, bikes and light rail along with public squares, community gardens, parks and farmers’ markets."


Find the full Dwell on Design LA schedule here.