Living Architecture on the Creators Project

Living Architecture on the Creators Project

USC Assistant Professor Doris Sung was featured on The Creators Project for her work in dynamic design. Her projects, titled "Living Architecture", find new ways to reflect the worlds around them through movement and change never envisioned quite like this. 



"When Doris Sung was growing up she had several ideas about how architecture was supposed to be. From what she knew it was static, immovable, and didn't allow much room for experimentation and creativity. Fast-forward several years later, and Sung is now wildly experimenting with building mediums and metals, computer software, and nature itself to create interactive designs that respond to environmental stimuli, essentially coming to life. In the video above, we catch up with Sung in her native California to learn more about this exciting new practice, and how it creates architecture that can actually anticipate the needs of humans."


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