Guild Mentorship Program Starting - Sign Up Now

Guild Mentorship Program Starting - Sign Up Now

Deadline Extended to January 25 - All Class Levels Welcome


Mentoring Program guidelines


Purpose To provide an impactful professional mentorship program for professional degree students enrolled in their final year of study, as a means to supplement their formal education and to ready them for their future various careers in the fields of architecture, landscape, construction, urban planning etcetera.


Participating in the program is voluntary for any student currently enrolled in a School of Architecture degree program, is in good academic standing and holds a graduation date of May 2013 or sooner. The program is intended to be very adaptable to the level of formality/informality desired by each student may have at this stage in their career. As a standard, it is expected that the mentor should meet with his/her matched protégés at least 2‐3 times during the semester.


While the Mentoring Program is designed to be flexible, the student must respect the time and effort put forth by their mentors. Continuance in the program throughout the year will depend on a student’s dependability and professional conduct.


The Mentoring Program will offer the student opportunities for

• Career counseling and development for new professionals

• Exchanging critical knowledge regarding life after school

• Improving self‐presentation skills and strategies

• Providing professional guidance for new avenues of growth

• Expanding networking and role modeling opportunities.

Roles and Responsibilities

• The USC Architectural Guild serves as sponsor for the Mentoring Program by championing mentoring goals, and providing support and enthusiasm for the program.

• The student would be the protégé, an individual who is self‐motivated, enthusiastic and aspires to achieve career growth and development. The student establishes overall goals and expectations, request an appropriate mentor, and seek our learning opportunities.

• The mentor is defined as an individual with more knowledge and experience who is committed to supporting the growth and development of the student. The mentor serves as a role model, providing guidance and identifying developmental opportunities for the students. The mentor is expected to manage logistics, participate in establishing goals and expectations, documenting outcomes and assess the overall value of the mentoring relationship. The mentor may be assigned up to 5 students at a time, and might work this cohort group collectively throughout the year as well as individually.

• Both the mentors and protégées will need to participate in a brief orientation meeting to meet each other, to discuss appropriate professional conduct, and to discuss a wide range commonly asked questions.

• The Guild Mentoring Committee consists of a core group who serve as the advisory committee responsible for the planning, implementing, and evaluating the overall Mentoring Program to ensure consistency and value.


Program Benefits for the Student

• Provides socialization and increases communication

• Promote confidence, and career opportunities


Mentoring Request Form

Students will be given the opportunity to participate in the Mentoring Program by completing a Mentoring Request Form and submitting it to the Guild Mentoring Committee. Forms will be distributed in the fall and the spring semester via the web. This will allow students to rotate Mentors in the same school year. The Form asks the students to identify goals and expectations, as well of mentors desired. The Mentoring Committee works with the student to select the most appropriate mentor available.


Mentor‐Protégé Matching

Mentor‐Protégé matching will be based on the student’s goals, skills, and mentor availability.

Questions Concerning this Program please contact:

Carrie Banasky Director of Constituent & Alumni Relations USC School of Architecture T: 213.821.1845 E:



Mentor Request Form
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