AA Visiting School Oregon

AA Visiting School Oregon

Architectural Association visiting School 10-day programme in the Oregon wilderness


14th - 24th August 2014


The Architectural Association Visiting School returns to the Oregon wilderness for a third year where we will be inventing, imagining, designing and building an insertion into the forest. A ten-day course exploring the old and new growth woodlands and the commercialization and commodification of the tree. We will investigate the natural lifecycle of the forest and propose solutions for thoughtfully marking and occupying its terrain. In the first year we created an occupiable camera obscura and an oculus sited within the woodland to exemplify the contrast of the immediate forest and the distant view across the ridge. In year two we created the Amplifier, which explores the possibilities of enhancing and amplifying aspects of the forest that may not have been initially apparent. The structure, built using timber from the forest, acts as a passage into the forest, taking visitors from a clearly laid gravel path into the wild beyond.


In year three we will be investigating an architecture that marks territories in the woodland through routes of inhabitation, forest talks from naturalists, environmentalists, and loggers. We will visit mills and walk the ridge all of which will inform our design sessions. Our final evening will see us toasting our successes with a ‘feast in the forest’. The project will be documented and presented as a book published by the Architectural Association.


The course is open to students of architecture, any other design discipline and anyone with an interest in creating an amazing piece of architecture in the forest.


Applications can be made through the link below; places are limited due to the remote location of the property.