Victor Jones publishes new book

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Victor Jones publishes new book

August 31, 2015

Professor Victor Jones’s Basento, Un Ponte, published by Euno Edizioni, is the third book in the series, Ápeiron. Architettura e ingegneria, dedicated to architecture and engineering. The book traces the story of the Basento Bridge by the enigmatic Italian structural engineer, Sergio Musmeci and his architecture partner, Zenaide Zanini. Drawing new insights from this obscure engineering figure is intended to enrich the disciplinary debate over public works projects (in this case a bridge) and their relationship to cities, localized communities, and the urban experience. 


The book lays the groundwork for further research projects that posit infrastructure design and other public works projects as a creative endeavor rather than mere problem solving. Special attention is given to Musmeci and Zanini’s interdisciplinary approach as a means to explore the idea of infrastructure as civic art, suggesting new directions and collaborative opportunities for engineers, architects, transportation, and urban designers. 


With the goal of producing a book, which is the first treatment of a subject with significant contemporary relevance, Basento, Un Ponte is intended to be an indispensable reference for students, teachers, architects, engineers, and urban planners. The English edition is scheduled to be completed in late 2015, introducing Sergio Musmeci and Zenaide Zanini's greatest accomplishment to a broader, English-speaking audience. 


Interest in the topic of infrastructure and in Basento, Un Ponte has resulted in invitations to Jones to lecture internationally later this year; one at the University of Leuven in Belgium and the other at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris-Belleville Paris. 


Read an interview in italiano with architectural photographer Héléne Binet, who recently photographed the Basento Bridge in conjunction with Jones’s book.