USC Student Works featured at Bergamot Station

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USC Student Works featured at Bergamot Station

July 20, 2015


From June 25 – August 6, 2015, 18 students from the School of Architecture will have final studio work on display as part of the exhibition, Hidden Artifacts at Building Bridges Arts Exchange in Santa Monica’s Bergamot Station Arts Center. Co-curated by Jenda Michl and Marisa Caihiolo, the show seeks to “pull back the curtain” on the creative process of architectural students and professionals alike by showing the conceptual artifacts that result from explorations into architectural problems.


“My hope is that this exhibition fosters a renewed appreciation for architects' skills, and through a wide variety of narrated examples illustrates how they can bring great value and skill in creating both function and beauty,” says Michl, who also says he feels the general public has very little idea of what architects actually do and how valuable it is to society and culture.


Participating USC School of Architecture students include:


  • Vanessa Arriagada
  • Ariana Booth
  • Laura Gehring
  • Luis Garcia
  • Cristina Gomez
  • Sarah Hammond
  • Emma Lin
  • Sarah McGrath-Deneault
  • Gabriela O'Connor
  • Alexxa Solomon
  • Alise Robles
  • Sheida Roghani
  • Justin Yang
  • Laura Rodriguez
  • Mengyi Xu
  • Jingbo Yan
  • Yuan Yao
  • Grace Yu


“The work was selected because it exemplified architectural experimentation, as if capturing a snapshot of the design process of architects,” says Michl. “The jackets [from the studio “Truth in Making, Craft: An Architectural Inquiry”], for example, challenged students to explore materiality. I particularly appreciated that using the medium of clothing rather than a building helped remove any preconceptions that would be brought if they were designing a 'building.’” 


“We are honored to have students and their projects included in Hidden Artifacts. It’s rare that student work is prominently displayed outside of architecture schools, so we are pleased to see USC students being given the opportunity to share their ambitious work with a broader public audience,” says Hadrian Predock, Director of Undergraduate Programs.


The show, which also includes student work form Woodbury and SCI-Arc, is also meant to serve as a catalyst for classes, lectures, and a book, all leading to Michl’s bigger mission: the establishment of a hub/marketplace for architecture that combines co-working, peer-to-peer education, and a free public assistance/info desk.