USC Architecture Students to Participate in 2018 Venice Biennale Sessions

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USC Architecture Students to Participate in 2018 Venice Biennale Sessions

May 16, 2018

This month, a group of USC Architecture students will participate in the 2018 Venice Biennale Sessions for Architecture. Located in Venice, Italy and involving international participation amongst architecture schools, the Biennale exhibition will allow the four participating teams of USC students to showcase their projects addressing the future of urbanism and its impact on architecture.


Hadrian Predock, director of undergraduate programs, secured placement of the students’ exhibit in the Biennale through his connection with Tom Kovac, Professor of Architecture at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and Curator of the Biennale Sessions.


Originally, the students had expected to participate in the Malaysia Biennial, an event set to occur in November 2017 before it was postponed and then eventually merged with the Venice Biennale. The students began preparing for this exhibition back in Spring 2017 when Warren Techentin, adjunct associate professor, led a joint architecture and landscape architecture studio exploring speculative urbanism. In the studio, four teams of three USC Architecture students developed speculative urban visions for the area known as Medini Iskandar Malaysia, a suburb of the region Iskandar Puteri where Malaysia and Singapore meet, one hundred years in the future. The premise of the suspended 2017 Malaysia Biennial, this project is called “Iskandar Puteri 100YC.


The student teams’ approaches to the Iskandar Puteri 100YC project address a wide array of possibilities and factors for the future of developed cities, including urban farming, manipulated micro-climates, robotic and autonomous labor, energy sources, space elevators, the expanded role of 3D printing, and more. The projects themselves consist of collections of images modeling the students’ visions of the future of urbanity and the cityscape as a result of evolved city life.


In addition to the exhibition, open from May 26 to Nov 28, 2018, the Biennale Sessions will also include project discussions, round table events and interviews with collaborators. At least one recent alumnus, Brian Rohrlick (B.Arch, 2018), is planning to attend and present his respective project. Techentin will also be presenting in Venice on behalf of the studio as a whole, as well as for any teams who do not attend.


USC Architecture is scheduled to present on Sunday and Monday morning. For more information, visit