Travis Longcore studies chickpea domestication with Zumberge Grant

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Travis Longcore studies chickpea domestication with Zumberge Grant

July 21, 2016

Professor Travis Longcore is part of a team that was recently awarded an $85,000, 1-year Zumberge Interdisciplinary Grant from the James H. Zumberge Research and Innovation Fund for “Population Environmental Genomics of Crop Improvement.”


The team, led by Professor Sergey Nuzhdin of USC Dornsife and including Research Professor Paul Marjoram of the USC Keck School of Medicine, will use genome-wide analysis to identify important adaptations in local races of chickpeas from historical collections around the world, so that they can be recommended for use in agricultural crops.


“The research provides the exciting opportunity to link together past landscapes and their environmental conditions at the time of domestication to adaptations that could be bred back into crops that will thrive in a rapidly changing environment,” said Professor Longcore. “Through this interdisciplinary project we can link landscape conditions, genes, and growth traits to help provide the crops that will grow in the landscapes of the future."


Longcore, who is jointly appointed with the USC Spatial Sciences institute, will map and characterize past environmental conditions at the locations of chickpea domestication and relate those conditions to future landscape conditions under global change.