06/28/24 TRAVELING FELLOWS 24 - 25


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Maria Florencia Rodriquez Winkleman, B.Arch ’26- Walkable Cities. Traveling to Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain. Patrick Martin Memorial Traveling Fellow. May 12-June 8, 2024. 

Claudia Mejia, B.Arch ’24. Journey to Decolonize: Exploring Indigenous Architectures and Water Systems in South America. Traveling to Peru and Ecuador. Chase Leavitt Traveling Fellow. May 13-30, 2024. 

Noelle Osborne, B.Arch ’26- The Pour Out. Traveling to Italy and Spain. Patrick Martin Memorial Traveling Fellow. May 15-26, 2024. 

Subrina Kuo, B.Arch ’26. Persevering Tradition in Transition: A Symbiotic Study of Bhutan’s Eco-Tourism and Cultural Perseveration. Traveling to Bhutan. William and Neoma Timme Memorial Traveling Fellow. May 16-30, 2024. 


Daniel Accordino, B.Arch ’24- Lessons from Western Europe on Unconventional Housing and Neighborhood Design. Traveling to Vienna, Zurich and Amsterdam. Chiu Man And Maria Warner Wong Global Traveling Fellow in Sustainable Architecture. May 16-June 4, 2024. 


Rachel Wiggins, B’Arch ’26- A World of Play. Traveling to Japan. Avi Gesundheit Traveling Fellow. May 20-June 2, 2024. 


Alexander Long, M.Arch ’24- Urbsteading. Traveling to England and Denmark. Jaime & Susan Gesundheit Graduate Traveling Fellow. June 1-16, 2024. 


Yolanthe van der Most Van Spijk, B.Arch ’25. Studying the Cultural Impact of the Clubhouse in European Communities for Los Angeles. Traveling to Netherlands, Paris and London. Jon Adams Jerde Traveling Fellow. June 30-July 16, 2024. 


Christian Calma, B.Arch ’24- How Have People Reappropriated the Apartheid Urban Environment of Cape Town. Traveling to South Africa. Jon Adams Jerde Traveling Fellow. July 10 - August 4, 2024. 


Andrea Mauk, MHC ’24- Place Keeping by Example: An Analysis of Four Former Mining Towns in the West. Traveling to Colorado and South Dakota. Gesundheit Family/USC Architectural Guild Traveling Fellow. August 5-12, 2024. 


Cassius Palacio, B.Arch ’26- Transcontinental Architectural Assimilation: Connecting the US and Belize. Traveling to Belize. Avi Gesundheit Traveling Fellow. December 2024. 


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