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Recent Faculty Publications

November 03, 2017


When they’re not hard at work teaching, USC School of Architecture faculty members are often dedicated to research and passion projects within the fields of architecture and design. We’re pleased to share some of their recent publication news.


American Libraries, 1730-1950

Kenneth Breisch, Ph.D.


Associate Professor Ken Breisch’s new book celebrates the history of the American library and charts the evolution of the design and planning of libraries as they progressed from the sphere of wealthy private collectors to become academic and civic institutions. American Libraries is the 11th and final installment in the Library of Congress’ Visual Sourcebook series, which also includes volumes on barns, canals, public markets and railroad stations.


Professor Breisch will give a related lecture Sunday, Nov. 5 at the Glendale Downtown Central Library.



Effective Daylighting with High-Performance Facades

Kyle Konis, Ph.D., AIA


Assistant Professor Kyle Konis’ new book, co-authored with Stephen Selkowitz of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, explores advanced building-facade daylighting design practices based on diverse energy and human-factors performance metrics. It defines effective daylighting by incorporating the local climate and the needs of building occupants as critical drivers of building performance, design solutions and technological innovation. The book discusses state-of-the-art approaches in the context of simulation-based design workflows, innovative technologies and real project case studies, all targeting low and net-zero energy solutions that enhance occupant comfort.



Amplified Urbanism

Lorcan O’Herlihy, FAIA


The title of Adjunct Professor Lorcan O’Herlihy’s recent book relates to his design methodology, which is rooted in creating fluid interaction between public and private spaces, emphasizing social and civic connections, and harnessing existing ecological and infrastructural patterns. The book highlights work in this vein from O’Herlihy’s eponymous firm and seeks to raise issues and provoke a wider discussion across the fields of architecture and urban planning and in cities throughout the world. Included are essays from David L. Ulin, Christopher James Alexander, Judith Lewis Mernit, Linda C. Samuels, Wendy C. Ortiz, and Greg Goldin, as well as reflections on the work of creative practitioners and urban activists, who offer ideas about how our cities can advance in order to become dynamic, sustainable, and productive environments for all.



Contemporary Japanese Architecture

James Steele, Ph.D.


Professor James Steele’s Contemporary Japanese Architecture presents an overview of the historical and cultural framework informing the work of Japanese architects and investigates the challenges occupying rising contemporary designers. Distinguishing the young generation of Japanese architects from the crowded, multi-generational field they seek to join, the book examines the topics they are engaging and the critical issues they face within the new economic reality of Japan and a shifting global order.