Professor Doris Sung Receives Prestigious USC Associates Award for Artistic Expression

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Professor Doris Sung Receives Prestigious USC Associates Award for Artistic Expression

April 17, 2018

USC has announced that associate professor of architecture Doris Sung will be honored at the 37th Annual Academic Honors Convocation on Tuesday, April 24, 2018. Sung is one of two faculty members chosen to receive the prestigious 2018 Associates Award for Artistic Expression, the highest honor bestowed by USC faculty to its members for distinguished achievements. The award, which includes a citation as well as a monetary prize of $3,500, recognizes outstanding faculty whose artistic works have had a significant and lasting impact. Sung’s vision and experimentation, the radical interface between art and technology, and the impact of her work on the surfaces of architecture led to her selection for this notable honor.


Sung is an active researcher, teacher and practitioner working on material advancements and performance in the fields of building science and architecture. Her projects using thermo-bimetals exemplify her cutting-edge work inspired by biomimicry and biology. These intricate geometric projects demonstrate how solar heat energy dynamically transforms the shape and geometry of thin metal sheets to perform a range of transformations—including ventilation, light, shading and structure—on the facades and surfaces of architecture. 


An important voice in the material technology field of architecture, Sung works to transform the way architecture is designed and assembled. Her beautiful-yet-functional work demonstrates that science and art can be conjoined to produce efficient and elegant solutions to pressing environmental problems. Sung will be an active participant in this compelling and sustainable vision of the built environment.


In addition to teaching at USC, Sung practices architecture with her firm, Doris Sung Studio Architecture (DOSU). Her work has been widely exhibited and she has been honored with prestigious awards including: The United States Artist Award, the Spark! Product Award and the Phi Kappa Phi award at USC. She is a sought-after speaker with over 1 million views of her TEDxUSC talk. As an educator-practitioner, Sung finds a deep interchange between research, teaching, experimentation and professional practice. 


“This honor for Doris is well deserved and we’re looking forward to celebrating her achievements at the upcoming Academic Honors Convocation,” said USC Architecture Dean Milton S.F. Curry. “In addition to being a visionary and experimental architect, Doris is a beloved professor with a far-reaching impact on students, faculty and staff alike. We’re filled with pride as she receives this exceptional award.”