Joon-Ho Choi receives Zumberge Grant

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Joon-Ho Choi receives Zumberge Grant

April 26, 2016


Professor Joon-Ho Choi has been awarded a $29,675 Zumberge Grant in support of his project, “User-Centered Integrative Building System Control Using Human Bio-Signals for Environmental Health and Sustainability.”


“Joon-Ho has brought strong promise to the School’s research agenda, through which architecture will gain new ground in our concerns for the environment,” said Dean Qingyun Ma.


Choi’s research focuses on developing intelligent environmental controls in buildings based on occupants’ physiological responses and maximizing the building’s environmental performance.


“The outcome of this project will lead to an integrative building systems control that will utilize a user’s real-time physiological responses as input variables in the control loop,” explains Choi. “The proposed approach will be based on the principle of using the human body as an integrated sensory device that will allow the environmental control system to be much simpler, but functionally robust, while minimizing the system’s faults and malfunctions.”


Choi hopes that the project will enhance the interpretation of physiological signals for application to building environmental controls.