10/11/19 How to Curate a Strong Portfolio as a Freshman Candidate


Applying to architecture school may seem intimidating but it doesn’t have to be. To help ease your nerves, the undergraduate admissions team from the USC School of Architecture shares some insight on how to show off your skill set and make your portfolio shine. Here are three tips to help you put together a strong portfolio as part of your undergraduate application.

1. It’s all about the content. The portfolio is not a layout competition, so don’t worry about overdesigning it—just focus on the content. There is limited time to review each application so make your portfolio stand out through the content you include.  

2. Express your creativity and curiosity. The admission committee wants to see your creativity and curiosity through the breadth and diversity of your interests. Present a wide range of work that showcases your creative mind. The work you upload to your portfolio isn’t limited to architectural work—it can be drawings, sketches, paintings, graphic design, photography, video, web design, sculpture, ceramics, fashion design or furniture design—as long as it demonstrates your curiosity and creativity. 

3. Present your strongest work. Submit work that you are really proud of and add descriptions to each piece. You are welcome to include details about your design process and how you reached the end result, but it isn’t required. If something you’ve included is the product of a group effort, explain your specific contribution to it. 

For more information about the USC School of Architecture and the undergraduate application process, click here. Good luck and Fight On!

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