03/29/21 Faculty/Student Exhibition Spotlight: Melissa Shin


Our second to last virtual faculty/student exhibition of the spring semester is from lecturer Melissa Shin. Originally exhibited at the Wedge Gallery of Woodbury University, "Four Corners, Redux” explores resolution and hybridization for a series of four transformed historic homes in Detroit, Michigan. Since we are not able to show the built models in person, they have been LiDAR scanned for online viewing. The digital model of the physical model lays beneath a LiDAR scan of the physical model. The loss through digital translation produces a new reading of the model scale wherein walls and columns begin to dissolve.

The intent of the exhibition program is not only to highlight the professional work or academic research of our faculty but also to offer insights into connections between their pedagogy and practice. Below, Shin shares additional details about her show. 

What inspired this exhibition? 

This exhibition is inspired by my hometown of Detroit, Michigan. Due to the pandemic, the challenge to present in a virtual format encouraged me to explore the ways in which I can digitally display physical work to create an interactive user experience that goes beyond the typical representational tools of plan and section.


More generally, what inspires your work? 

At my practice "Shin Shin" (where my sister and I are partners), we are motivated by the housing crises in both Los Angeles and Detroit and the ways in which they can learn from each other. Despite having opposite problems in many ways due to vast historical, cultural, and economic differences, we strive to contribute to an ongoing dialogue between the two cities in a meaningful way.


What do you hope viewers take away from this exhibition? 

An itch for a post-pandemic trip to Detroit!

To view the gallery, visit exhibitions.uscarch.com/four-corners-redux/.

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