04/12/21 Faculty/Student Exhibition Spotlight: Emily Mohr


Our final virtual faculty/student exhibition of the spring semester is from lecturer Emily Mohr. Originally exhibited at The Ohio State University’s Banvard Gallery, “Drawing Drawings” was the performance of a series of nine ‘as-built drawings’ exhibited as they were drawn in the Banvard Gallery. Neither digitally fabricated nor handcrafted, the exhibition employed a series of custom-built CNC drawing robots to draw nine drawings framed perspectively and literally by nine frames. Composed of recompositions of site-specific ornament, the framed drawings were suspended from three structural members mismatched from the gallery’s three existing structural channels to produce a series of collaged views of the collaged frames.

The intent of the exhibition program is not only to highlight the professional work or academic research of our faculty but also to offer insights into connections between their pedagogy and practice. Below, Mohr shares additional details about her show. 

What inspired this exhibition? 

Originally produced while in residence as Ohio State’s LeFevre Fellow, this work was inspired by my ambition to marry hand-drafting and physical making with digital drawing. More broadly, the goal of the exhibition was to explore opportunities to add tactility to architectural drawings. 


More generally, what inspires your work? 

The design and representation of the oddities and nuances present in architectural details and materials. I’m interested in everything that disrupts the blank white surfaces of a Rhino model, whether as-designed or as-built.


What do you hope viewers take away from this exhibition? 

A reminder of how important physical building and making is to the development of an idea and the representation of a project. I hope that when we are (finally) back in the studio space that the students arrive excited to build models and experiment with representation techniques.

To view the gallery, visit https://exhibitions.uscarch.com/drawing-drawings/.

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