03/01/21 Faculty Exhibition Spotlight: Alex Maymind


Our virtual faculty exhibition series continues with a new show from lecturer Alex Maymind. “Revisiting Revisiting” is a mash-up of historical research, obsessive drawings, and genealogy-making, and a project of equal parts documentation, appropriation, and reproduction. As an entropic collection of architectural ephemera from the last 300 years of disciplinary history, the drawings interrogate the multiple ways in which architecture has attempted to map, organize, classify, index, compare, and invoke the sheer vastness of the world itself. This ambition has occurred through various forms of architectural knowledge accumulated in a quasi-scientific manner.

The intent of the exhibition program is not only to highlight the professional work or academic research of our faculty but also to offer insights into connections between their pedagogy and practice. Below, Maymind shares additional details about his exhibition.

What inspired this exhibition?


Revisiting Revisiting, which was the result of a year-long investigation of architectural systematization, was inspired by a number of 18th century pedagogues and architects who were interested in methods and techniques of radical revision borrowed from the natural sciences, primarily dealing with classification and systematics. 


More generally, what inspires your work?


The productive friction between multiple points of view, often between a historical prerogative and a contemporary design agenda that seeks to leverage the past into an uncomfortable position. 


What do you hope viewers take away from this exhibition?

A curiosity about how architectural history might inflect current concerns, however unlikely that inflection might seem upon first blush. 

To view the gallery, which is on view until March 13, visit https://exhibitions.uscarch.com/.

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