FACADE TECTONICS Returns to USC with “SKINS on Campus"

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FACADE TECTONICS Returns to USC with “SKINS on Campus"

February 12, 2018

In 2007, a small group of faculty and doctoral students at USC Architecture, including Assistant Professor Karen Kensek and Doug Noble, head of the Master of Building Science program, founded FACADE TECTONICS as a means of addressing the growing importance of building facade technology. This spring, FACADE TECTONICS will once again have an event at USC, this time with the theme “SKINS on Campus: Bridging industry and academia in pursuit of better buildings and urban habitat.”


Begun as a series of invited roundtable discussions linked to the Ph.D. program at USC Architecture, FACADE TECTONICS is meant to engage people in research and dialogue surrounding facade technology.


“Designing, fabricating and installing the building envelope has become a much more sophisticated endeavor in recent years,” said Noble. “The last couple of decades have seen dramatic growth in the number of specialty experts and firms working on facades. The technology of the materials, design processes, manufacturing, installing, commissioning, operations and maintenance of the building enclosure has become a phenomenon. The professionals, academics and industry folks directly working on facades have become a major part of architecture. FACADE TECTONICS is intended to get all of these people working together to advance the arts and sciences of the building envelope. Collaboration and knowledge transfer is key.”


Now, 11 years since its inception at USC, FACADE TECTONICS has held a variety of conferences around the United States, as well as in some overseas locations, and it attracts international participation. Hundreds of people attended the “World Congress” conference held by FACADE TECTONICS in downtown Los Angeles in 2016.


Returning to USC with its upcoming conference “SKINS on Campus,” in which Noble and Kensek are equal partners, FACADE TECTONICS expects an equally significant turnout. The two-day conference will feature 104 presentations, each with a blind peer-reviewed research paper, which will be included in a final publication available both in print and digitally as a PDF. Among the many presenters and authors to share their research at “SKINS on Campus” are USC Professor Marc Schiler, part-time USC Faculty member Peter Simmonds, and several USC alumni.


“SKINS on Campus” will be held on March 12-13, 2018. For more details about the event, visit https://facadetectonics.org/2018-world-cong