Doris Sung receives Bellagio Center residency

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Doris Sung receives Bellagio Center residency

February 11, 2016


Professor Doris Sung will be in residency at the Rockefeller Foundation’s Bellagio Center on Lake Como in Italy for four weeks this spring.


In support of the Rockefeller Foundation’s mission to “promote the well-being of humanity,” the Bellagio Center hosts residencies and conferences for artists, scholars, and thought leaders who share in the Foundation’s mission.


During her residency, Professor Sung will focus on developing a building façade that will function as artificial trees for urban areas lacking trees. Sung describes the project as a “resilient infrastructure that is cost-effective, zero-energy, easy to maintain, and highly performative. In addition to shading, cooling, and filtering the urban air, new pavilion-like structures can propose places for activity, community and identity.”  


“It’s amazing to imagine architecture can be given life and transform from wall to tree, engaging urbanism and contributing to quality of life,” said Dean Qingyun Ma.


“Taking a month to contemplate how the outside surface of buildings can be contribute to public health (by cooling cities, cleaning air, filtering water, etc.) may seem superfluous,” says Sung. “But, what if we come up with potential solutions? Crazy as it may seem, it will be well worth it.”


Sung has previously been recognized for her work with facades and thermobimetals, including, most recently, a 2014 US Artist Fellowship, 2015 ACSA Faculty Design Honorable Mention, and a 2015 AIA Small Projects Award.