David Gerber receives Borchard Fellowship

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David Gerber receives Borchard Fellowship

February 26, 2016

Professor David Gerber has been awarded a Scholar-in-Residence Fellowship by the Borchard Foundation. He will receive a $30,000 grant and accommodations at the Château de la Bretesche in France while pursuing research titled “Descriptive Surfaces, From Desargue to De Casteljau and their mathematical influence on instrumental and design knowledge in Architecture.”


"I’m thankful to have been awarded the 2017 Borchard Fellowship,” said Gerber. “I expect the research to bring new perspective to the historical links between Frances' mathematicians, engineers, and architecture, and through this, to enrich our knowledge and instrumentation of the architectural surface."


According to Gerber, the work is motivated by a desire to develop deeper understanding of the historical evolution of architectural form-making in the context of mathematics and the resultant technologies that have become instrumental knowledge used in architecture. By enumerating a lineage of maverick mathematicians, their theorems and inventions, and by relating them to the built environment and its architecture and products, Gerber hopes his research will lead to a much greater historical and instrumental understanding of the rich connections between mathematics and architecture. 


“While I’ve come to expect David’s research to embrace the latest digital technology, this path is a refreshing reminder that looking back is often the best way to move forward,” said Dean Qingyun Ma.