"Cabinet" Exhibit Showcases Graduate Class of 2018 Thesis Work

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"Cabinet" Exhibit Showcases Graduate Class of 2018 Thesis Work

May 24, 2018

Cabinet presents the collective work produced by the graduate thesis class of the USC School of Architecture. The title of the exhibition, Cabinet, is in direct reference to the Renaissance Era Cabinet of Curiosities, a catalogued collection of historical artifacts from around the world. For their thesis explorations, students were asked to reach into the cabinet of curiosities, so to speak, of our architectural heritage and engage with the precedents of history. Responses ranged from respectful, to conversational, to oppositional.


Join us this Saturday, May 26 at 2:30 PM at the A+D Museum for a conversation on Precedent in Architecture based on the work produced for Cabinet. The conversation will be moderated by our Graduate Architecture Programs Director Wes Jones and will include Preston Scott Cohen, Robert Levit, Thom Mayne, Mónica Ponce de León and Brett Steele.


The exhibit is on display at the A+D Museum in Downtown Los Angeles until June 17. For more information, visit https://aplusd.org/exhibition/cabinet/.