Below is a list of theses completed by our program graduates organized by year completed. 

Theses by year completed
  • 2016

    Joyce Hahn - Measuring Daylight: Analysis Of Daylighting At LACMA’s Resnick Pavilion

    Kai Yin - Building Bridges: Filling Gaps Between BIM And Other Tools In Mechanical Design 

    Lisha Deng - Exterior Glare Simulation: Understanding Solar Convergence From Concave Facades Using Heat Maps 

    Dennis Chow - Blind To Light Loss: Evaluating Light Loss Through Commercial Building Facades As A Contribution To Urban Light Pollution 

    Jaehyun Moon - Considering Occupants: Comprehensive POE Research On Office Environment Of Southern California 

    laria Toldo - Informing Conservation: Implementation Of Building Information Modeling Systems For Architectural Heritage 

    Mohammad Aljammaz - Daylighting Tubes In Riyadh And Los Angeles: Comparison Of Culture And Market Penetration 

    Shinjini Bhattacharjee - Determining Solar Envelope Geometry For Sites With Existing Buildings 

    Qianqian (Sunny-Fan) - Facade Forensics: Visualizing Thermal Data In A Building Information Model 

    Kai Yin - Building Bridges: Filling Gaps Between BIM And Other Tools In Mechanical Design 

    Brittany Moffett - Envisioning Seismic Los Angeles: Data Visualization Techniques For An Interactive Seismicity And Building Response Map Application 

    Edna Catumbela - Green Facades Morphological Analysis: A Taxonomy Development Tool For Design Assistance 

    Maral Rahmani - Climate-Responsive User Interface: Environmental Control In Residential Facilities Using User-Centered Approaches 

    Aditya Dharane - Bridging The Energy Gaps By Using Measured Weather, Occupancy, And Submetered Data 

    Kim Cheong - Impact Of Occupants In Building Performance: Extracting Information From Building-Related Data 

    Kelly Burkhart - Evaluating Daylighting Design Expectations: POE To Improve Future Daylighting Design Decision-Making        


  • 2015

    Fahad Alshiddi - Pre-Cast Concrete Envelopes In Hot-Humid Climates: Improving Envelopes To Reduce Cooling Load And Electrical Consumption

    Yiyu Chen - Environmental Adaptive Design: Building Performance Analysis For Climate Change

    Chao Yang - Energy Use Intensity Estimation Method Based On Building Façade Features By Using Regression Model

    Spurthy Yogananda - Green Roofs: Study Of Various Parameters And Their Influence On The Building With Respect To Climate Zones.

    Bo Yi - Improving Thermal Conditions: Development Of An Automatic Thermal Control System Using Human Skin Temperature

    Varshini Raman (2015)

    Geoffrey Becker - Ctrl+Z: Exploring The Effects Of Undoing Retrofits To Pre-War Buildings In Los Angeles        

    Angella Johnson - Fire Engineering And Vertical Evacuations In Ultra High-Rise Buildings    


    Mohammad Hijazi - Bridging The Gap: A Methodology To Support Bim Data Exchange For Building Energy Performance, Simulation, And Analysis

    Hui-Ling Chang - Evaluation And Optimization Of Solar Control Screens: Using Daylight Simulation To Optimize Solar Control Screen Geometry

    Sebanti Banerjee - Daylighting Prediction: An Evaluation Of Lighting Design Software For Analysis Of Daylighting In Buildings

    Shang Sun - Energy Efficient Buildings: A Method Of Probabilistic Risk Assessment Using Building Energy Simulation

  • 2014

    Elham Motevalian - Double Skin Facade Performance: The Effect On Daylight And Visual Comfort

    Maria Spastri - Transforming Double Skin Facades: Energy Saving Potential Of Dynamic Environmental Control In The Cavity

    Varshini Raman - Ieq And The Impacts Caused On Occupants: A Poe Study Of An Office Building

    Rui Zhu - Human-Environment Interaction: Potential Use Of Pupil Size For Office Lighting Controls

    Alejandro Gamas - Grasshopper-Diva-Etc:A Parametric Envelope-Modeling Workflow For Daylight And Thermal Quality

    Praveen Sehrawat - Urban Energy Modeling: Contrasting Building Energy Simulation Using Gis Tools With Validated Energy Simulation Tools

    Chenchuan Trent Qian - Thermal Lag Addin For Revit: Analysis Wall/Roof Section And Energy Saving

  • 2013

    Stephanie Egger - Airflow Investigation On Fabric Structure Forms: A Fluid Dynamic Analysis 

    Zakarya Alahmed - Double-Skin Facades In Hot-Arid Climates 

    Meng Gong - External Structure For Existing Buildings In Seismic Zones: Tensile Envelope For Structure Renovation: Lateral Drift Reduction In Existing Structures Using External Devices


    Michael Makris - Structural Design Tool For Performative Building Elements: An Automated/Semi-Automated Grasshopper Plugin For Inventing New Or Unusual Informed Form 

    Tyler Tucker - Performative Shading Design: Parametric Based Measure Of Shading System Configuration Effectiveness And Trends 

    Aireen Batungbakal - Chromic Glass: Light And Acoustics Properties From Glass To Facade Systems: Simulating The Relation Between Smart Glass And Laminate Glass Using Its Reflective And Refractive Properties 

    Nura Darabi - Life Cycle Comparison For Commercial Buildings: Resource Efficiency Of Retrofit Versus Replacement 

    Ioli Papaioannou - Smart Facades For Environmental Control Systems: A Smart Façade Contributing Effectively To Air Pollution Treatment. 

    Mika Yagi - “Watts Per Person” Paradigm To Design Net Zero Energy Buildings: Achieving Maximum Energy Savings By [Re] Defining The 2,000 Watt Society 

    Yue Liu - Effective Lighting Shelf And Form Finding: Development Of The Lighting Shelf Design Tool And Energy And Lighting Performance Integrated 

    Tighe Lanning - Economizer Performance And Verification: Effect Of Human Behavior On Economizer Efficacy And Thermal Comfort In Southern California 

    Sananda Mukherjee - Green Roof Design Guidelines For Office Buildings In Different Climates: A Thermal Performance Assessment Through Energy Modeling

  • 2012

    Priyanka Padmanabhan Nayar - Improving Thermal Comfort In Residential Spaces In The Wet Tropical Climate Zones Of India Using Passive Cooling Techniques: A Study Using Computational Design Methods

    Morgan Wiener - Unitized Double Skin Façade Assemblies: Achieving The Needs Of Future Envelope Systems Through Construction And Performance Advances

    Yi-Lun Cheng - Digital Tree Simulation For Residential Building Energy Savings: Shading And Evapotranspiration

    Aishwarya Balagopal - Design Proposal And Analysis Of Curved Brace System To Reduce Drift In Moment Frame Structures

    Guang Yang - Energy Simulation In Existing Buildings: Calibrating The Model For Retrofit Studies

    William Vicent - Comparing Visual Comfort Metrics For Fourteen Spaces Using Simulation-Based Luminance Mapping

    Sukreet Singh - Zero Net Energy Institutional Building

    Won Hee Ko - Tilted Glazing: Angle-Dependence Of Direct Solar Heat Gain And Form-Refining Of Complex Facades

    Feng-Cheng Chiu O'Connor - Effects Of Building Plan Configuration On Lateral Load Responses

    Han Sang Kim - Seismic Retrofitting With Cost Effectiveness: Steel Braced Frame, Steel Moment Frame, Concrete Shear Wall, Concrete Moment Frame

    Geman Wu - Studies In Preliminary Design Of Fenestration: Balancing Daylight Harvesting And Energy Consumption

  • 2011

    Babak Zareiyan - Performance Of Roof Materials High SRI, Low SRI, And Green Roof In California Climate Zone 8 Los Angeles, California

    James Jesse Domanski - The Viability Of Wind Energy Harvesting On Low Rise Buildings In The Built Environment: A Case Study Of The Los Angeles Metro Area

    Yang Shen - Geothermal Heat Pump's Energy Effect And Economical Benefits

    Mohamed Mansour El Sheikh - Intelligent Building Skins: Parametric-Based Algorithm For Kinetic Facades Design And Daylighting Performance Integration

    Xin Zhao - An Investigation On Using BIM For Sustainability Analysis Using The LEED Rating System

    Hanshu Yin - Glare Studies: Comparison Of Three Glare Indices, HDR Imaging And Measured Values

    Hamad Abdullah L Olayan - Harvesting Energy With Solar Panels And Adaptive Shading For Building Skins: A Case Study Of An Office Building In Saudi Arabia

  • 2010

    Lutao Wang - Design Of Double Skin (Envelope - As A Solar Chimney: Adapting Natural Ventilation In Double Envelope For Mild Or Warm Climates

    Deepa Chandrashekaran - Air Flow Through Louvered Openings: Effect Of Louver Slats On Air Movement Inside A Space

    Jason P. Kirchhoff - Solar Thermal Cooling And Heating: A Year-Round Thermal Comfort Strategy Using A Hybrid Solar Absorption Chiller And Hydronic Heating Scheme

    Jamil Binabid - Vertical Garden: The Study Of Vertical Gardens And Their Benefits For Low-Rise Buildings In Moderate And Hot Climates

    Ryan Hansanuwat - Kinetic Facades As Environmental Control Systems: Using Kinetic Facades To Increase Energy Efficiency And Building Performance In Office Buildings

    Tai Uey Huang - Energy Saving Integrated Facade: Design And Analysis Using Computer Simulation

    enneth A. Griffin - Night Flushing And Thermal Mass: Maximizing Natural Ventilation For Energy Conservation Through Architectural Features

    Elham Moore - Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC - A Study On AAC For Low-Rise Structures In Southern California

    Lei Fu - Glass Beam Design For Architects: Brief Introduction To The Most Critical Factors Of Glass Beams And Easy Computer Tool

    Vasudha Rathi - Disaster Relief Transitional Emergency Shelter: Environmental And Structural Analysis Of Two Prefab Modular Emergency Shelters For Three Different Californian Climate Zones

  • 2009

    Anupam Jain - Development and Validation of a U-BIM Model For Mitigation of the Urban Heat Island Effect

    Emily Kemper - Using Architecture in the Fight Against Global Warming Presenting [...] 

    Taehyun Kim - Comparison of prefab homes and a site built home: Quantitative evaluation of four [...]

    Ben McAlister - Conservation and Reconstruction of Textile Blocks: An Investigation of Issues Concerning the Manufacture, Preservation and Replacement of the Concrete Exterior of the Freeman House in Hollywood, California.

    Aran Osborne - Landscape & building solar loads: Development of a computer-based tool to aid [...] 

    Daniel Riggin - An Analysis of Underwater Habitats: A Development of the Outline for Aquatectural [...]

    Angela Vargas - The Textile Block System: Structural Analysis and Alternative Seismic Upgrading to [...]

    Kimmi Wiebe - Biomimetic Design of the Building Envelope: Biological Climate Adaptations and Thermal Controls in the Sonoran Desert

    Tianxin Xing - A Teaching Tool for Architectural Acoustics

  • 2008
  • 2007
  • 2006
  • 2003
  • 2002
  • 2001

    Felipe Hernandez - Underwater Farming Colonies: a New Space for Human Habitat

    Bean Ching Law - Online Portfolio Repository for Students of Architecture

    Nazneen Sabbavala - Thermal Performance of Straw Bales

  • 2000

    Madhavi Chavan: - DSnF: Design Studio of the (near - Future

    Rebeka Vital - A Case Study Comparing Measured and Simulated Acoustical Environments: Acoustical Improvements of Verle Annis Gallery

    Anish Tripathi - Augmented Reality Application for Architecture

    Geetika Tandon - A Web-based Teaching Tool on Thermal Processes in Buildings

  • 1999

    Vagish Narang - WebArc: Control and Monitoring of Building Systems over the Web

    "Wan" Svastisinha Runsrithep - Passive Cooling for Thailand

    Sonal Puri - The Essence of Vaastu-Shilpa Shastra: A Multimedia Teaching Tool

    Archit Jain - Interactive Teaching Tool on the Web: Site Solar Access

  • 1997

    Catherine Houston - UBC Code Supplement

    I. Mazzoleni - SBMA: The Online Sustainable Building Materials Advisor

    A. Jain - VRSolar: An Exploration in Web Based Interactive Architectural Teaching

  • 1995

    E. Setiadarma - A computer aided teaching tool for sun shading devices

    S. Japee - Visual discomfort and occupant interaction

    S. Keskinel - Superinsulation applied to manufactured housing in hot, arid climates

    C.I. Jo - An analysis of theological and technical aspects of lighting in a sacred Christian space


  • 1994 AND BEFORE

    I. Alturki - Physical models to study natural light in atria and adjacent spaces for qualitative and quantitative energy reducing opportunities

    S. Bharali - Study of California energy codes and US energy performance standards applicable to Bombay

    H. Fuchs - Compilation of ecological design and planning information for a reference text on sustainable architecture

    K. Puri - Study of building codes applicable to the Himalaya foothills, to improve energy standards for small scale vernacular buildings

    A. Yuan - Computer animation system to teach passive cooling strategies for hot humid climates

    P.C. Wang - Reflective light plenum to direct daylight to office interiors

    S. Hrisafovic - A computer program to teach passive solar design

    U.P. Yeh - Computer aided solar envelop design

    R. Singh - Software integration for value conscious design

    Y. Kim - Simulation of the configurations for solar houses

    H.C. Wang - A cross-ventilation study on a building with skip-stop corridors

    L. Nkuo - Passive cooling methods for mid to high-rise buildings in the hot-humid climate of Douala, Cameroon, West Africa

    T.H. Al-Qahtani - A passive cooling system for residential building in the eastern province desert in Saudi Arabia