Upon completion of this degree program, Master of Advanced Architectural Studies students will have:

An ability to thrive in a rigorous intellectual climate, which promotes inquiry through design research.

An ability to work collaboratively toward synthetic design resolution which integrates an understanding of programmatic considerations, contextual/environmental connections, technological systems, and historical/theoretical meaning.

An ability to communicate both the technical, spatial, and conceptual aspects of one’s design through comprehensive modes of representation including digital and analog drawing, physical modeling and other forms of media; as well as the ability to clearly articulate written and verbal expression.

A solid intellectual base of knowledge in cultural studies (history/theory), related technology, and fundamental aspects of professional practice.

Ability to successfully complete an option-based directed design research sequence, pursuing the individualized exploration of advanced and emerging topics.

An awareness of the need to respect diversity and to explore global connections.

An ability to work in a manner consistent with understood professional standards and ethical responsibilities and to advance to the level of professional licensure in their eld of expertise.

A breadth of knowledge (after completing the university’s general education program, professional electives and free electives), allowing each student to consider themselves (and to be considered by other people) a generally well-educated person.

An understanding of the value and promise of urban life, through the continual exploration of Los Angeles, the second largest urban region in the country.