Kathryn Gustafson, FASLA: "Landscape Architecture: Composition and Sense of Place"

Principal, GGN, Seattle, and Gustafson Porter, London (website)


Landscape architect Kathryn Gustafson's diverse span of works are known as ground-breaking, contemporary designs that incorporate the sculptural, sensual qualities that are fundamental to the human experience of landscape. Watch Now



Martha Schwartz: "Beyond Practice"

Principal, Martha Schwartz & Partners, London (website)


Martha Schwartz is a landscape architect and artist with major interests in cities, communities and the urban landscape. As principal of Martha Schwartz Partners, she has over 35 years of experience as a landscape architect, urbanist and artist on a wide variety of projects located around the world with a variety of world-renowned architects. Watch Now


Paffard Keatinge-Clay: "My Three Masters"

Architect & Artist (website)


Paffard Keatinge-Clay worked with many of the great masters of Modernism over his long career, but none more famous or influential than Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Currently teaching as a Dean's Distinguished Visitor at the USC School of Architecture, Keatinge-Clay talks about his adventures with these three Masters of Modernism. Watch Now


Mia Lehrer: "The Los Angeles River: Advocacy by Design"

Principal, Mia Lehrer + Associates (website)


Mia Lehrer, FASLA, has been responsible for the design and implementation of a diverse range of ambitious projects that include urban revitalization developments, large-scale urban parks, watershed design, infrastructure master planning and complex institutional projects. Watch Now


Amale Andraos: "Why Make Books?"

Dean, Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (website)


Amale Andraos has taught at numerous institutions including the Harvard Graduate School of Design, the University of Pennsylvania Design School, and the American University in Beirut. Her work has recently explored the question of representation by re-examining the concept of the ‘Arab City.’ Watch Now


Ma Yansong

Founder & Principal, MAD Architects (website)


Beijing-born architect Ma Yansong is recognized as an important voice in the new generation of architects. Many of his designs follow his conception of a new balance among society, the city and the environment through architecture. Watch Now


Mutsuro Sasaki: "Morphogenesis of Flux Structure: New Field of Structural Design"

Founder & Principal, Sasaki & Partners (website)


Mutsuro Sasaki, founder and principal fo Sasaki & Partners in Tokyo delivers the Nabih Youssef Lecture on Structural Design Innovation. Watch Now


Naomi Klein: "This Changes Everything"

Author & Activist (website)


In a fascinating and provocative lecture, Klein will illuminate the critical importance of addressing economics in any effort to preserve the future of our planet. Watch Now


Jose Sanchez: "Exponential Design"

Assistant Professor, USC School of Architecture (bio)


Jose Sanchez presents how game mechanics suggest a radically different ethos for computational design thinking. Watch Now


Alison B. Hirsch, Ph.D.: "The Performative Landscape: Frameworks for Civic and Embodied Action"

Assistant Professor, USC School of Architecture (bio)


Alison B. Hirsch's work focuses on how the interpretation of sociocultural practices and marginalized histories and memories can contribute to the design of meaningful urban places. Watch Now


Alexander Robinson, FAAR: "An Instrumental Reconciliation + Genius Ingenium"

Assistant Professor, USC School of Architecture (bio)


Robinson’s research and practice is focused on the means necessary to advance the design and implementation of high performance landscapes and infrastructures. Watch Now