Integrated Path toArchitectural Licensure Initiative (IPAL)


The USC School of Architecture was selected as one of the initial 14 accredited architecture schools in the United States to participate in the NCARB Integrated Path to Architectural Licensure Initiative (IPAL). IPAL monitors and provides support for obtaining architectural registration in designated professionally accredited programs with an integrated approach to Architectural Experience Programs (formerly IDP) and Architectural Registration Exam requirements required for licensure.**


USC is one of three schools in California that has been accepted into IPAL and recognized by the California Architectural Board to allow students to take the Architectural Registration Exams while enrolled in school rather than having to wait until after graduation.

USC provides both support for the required Architectural Experience Program requirements through the USC Architectural Guild network of firms and the NotLy Architectural Registration Exam support program to help students prepare and successfully address the exam requirements for licensure.


USC’s selection and participation in the IPAL program does not change any of the requirements to our existing architectural degree programs. However, it will provide guidance and additional assistance to all architecture students in becoming eligible for licensure by encouraging them to take advantage of the increased access to the state and national licensure examinations concurrent with enrollment in our accredited professional degree programs. As well, it will provide support and encourage architectural experience in the professional community and provide the opportunity to significantly reduce the amount of time necessary to become a licensed architect while increasing the awareness and interaction between professional and academic experience.

IPAL Registration Form