Victoria Turkel Behner, Ph.D.



B.Arch, University of Southern California, 1995 M.S., Architecture, History and Theory, University of Michigan, 1996 Ph.D., Architecture, History and Theory, University of Michigan, 2003

Victoria Behner is trained as an architect and architectural historian. As Assistant Director of Exhibition Design and Production at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, she oversees exhibition design, gallery construction, and gallery media. Dr. Behner received her professional degree in architecture from the University of Southern California and her graduate degrees from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Her research concentrates on the architecture of contemporary art institutions in Los Angeles and exhibition design practices.

Currently Teaching
  • 304x
    Intensive Survey Prehistory to the Present
    Intensive Survey Prehistory to the Present
    Examine the evolution of the built environment as a representation of people’s symbolic, economic, political, and physical ideals from prehistory to today. The course intends to provide a fundamental method for understanding how people use architecture to present meaning and intention. The aim is to help non-majors develop visual literacy about the built environment and will include study of pseudo-historical buildings in the greater Los Angeles area. An intensive historical overview of architecture from prehistory to the present, emphasizing interrelationships of various global cultures and how social considerations were translated into form. Not avail­able for credit to architecture majors.
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