Tigran Ayrapetyan

Adjunct Professor


M.S., Civil / Structural / Earthquake Engineering, UCLA B.S., Civil / Structural Engineering, UCLA

As a Structural Consultant with a keen interest in architecture for more than thirty years Mr. Ayrapetyan specializes in structural engineering, earthquake engineering, and architectural aspects of complex structures. In addition to structural design with such materials as steel, concrete, wood, masonry, he has a vast experience in design of long span aluminum structures such as geodesic domes up to 415 ft in diameter (clear span) for sport arenas, churches, concert halls, and industrial facilities. His practice includes both national and international projects.

Adjunct Associate Professor Tigran Ayrapetyan has been teaching at the USC School of Architecture (2006 to present), Building Science as both undergraduate and graduate courses related to structures and building systems, while sharing with students his rich professional experience. He was presenting as a guest lecturer (1998 to 2006) aluminum design concepts to fourth year USC Building Science students. He has provided engineering seminars (since 1994) in aluminum design, finite element modeling of long span structures, and wind & seismic design to engineers. In addition, he was faculty assistant at Devry Institute of Technology and at UCLA, while doing his undergraduate & graduate work.

On February 12, 2012 Prof. Ayrapetyan has been presented with Certificate of Recognition from California State Assembly for the longstanding service to the community and to Education throughout Southern California; and with Recognition Plaque from The Knights of Vartan (Armenian benevolent organization) for distinguished service and leadership in the field of education. As owner of the Tigran Ayrapetyan, M.S., P.E., Structural Consulting (1998 to present), Mr. Ayrapetyan's practice includes but is not limited to new industrial, commercial, residential buildings, and lightweight long span structures. The list of some of the past and present clients include: Children's Hospital in LA CA, McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas NV, VA Medical Center in North Las Vegas NV, Yahoo Inc in Quincy in WA, Temcor, Conservatek Industries, Dimitry K. Vergun, S.E., Myhra & Associates, JFK Memorial Hospital in Indio CA, Children’s Hospital in LA CA, Cedars-Sinai Hospital in LA CA, Pasadena City College, Long Beach City College, Santa Monica City College, San Diego School District, City of Hawaiian Gardens, Wynn Las Vegas, Bank of America, US Bank, LAX, JPL, Northrop Co., AT&T, KFC, McDonalds, SDI Industries, Acralight, Cal-Air, Trane, Ampersand, Metcoe, Tetra Tech, Inc., Signtech, Royal Glass Company, Academy Awnings, Arcadia Inc, Architectural Design & Signs, Geotechnical Soilutions, Tau Design Group, ASI-Modulex, Office of Mobile Design, Tako Tyko Signs & Lightning, Ultrasigns, and many others.

The outstanding national and international projects among the project categories mentioned above, which Mr. Ayrapetyan participated in, were widely published by several independent sources. A few of those projects are:

  • Sands Expo & Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV
  • McCarran International Airport Terminal 3, Las Vegas, NV
  • New VA Medical Center Phase IV, North Las Vegas, NV
  • Temporary Power and Associated Relocations at LAX, Los Angeles, CA
  • Children's Hospital, Los Angeles, CA
  • Cathedral of Christ the Light, 2121 Harrison Street, Oakland, CA.
  • Malibu Jewish Center and Synagogue, 24855 PCH, Malibu, CA.
  • The Shops at Tanforan, San Bruno, CA.
  • Hobby Center for the Performing Arts, Houston, TX.
  • Victory Christian Center, Charlotte, NC.
  • Shanghai Pudong Natatorium, Shanghai, China.
  • Shanghai International Gymnastics Center, Shanghai, China.
  • Coal Storage Dome for Sierra Pacific Power, Reno Nevada.
  • Convention Center in Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • Special Events Center University of Hawaii, Manoa Campus, Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • Repair of failed moment connections, after 1994 Northridge Earthquake, in the US
  • Borax Office and Laboratory buildings located in Valencia, CA.
  • “Open House” by architect Coop Himmelblau.

As a structural consultant and project manager at Temcor (1994-1998), Mr. Ayrapetyan was in charge of structural design as well as assisted with fabrication and installation of long span structures such as, aluminum geodesic domes for sport arenas, churches, concert halls, water reservoirs, and petroleum tanks; truss supported flat covers for water treatment plants; space frames; erection towers over 300 ft in height; foundation systems; developed the most feasible geometry for the structures; utilized finite element computational methods, including non-linear computer analysis to establish critical buckling load for the domes and other long span structures.

At EQE International Mr. Ayrapetyan, as a project engineer (1994), was occupied with the Seismic Performance of Steel Structures during the January 17, 1994 Northridge Earthquake. He was involved in one of the first presentations regarding the failed steel moment connections and ways to repair them, based on the data that he has collected at the US Borax facility located in Valencia, CA, and other structures during the repairs of the seismic damage. Mr. Ayrapetyan was owner/partner of A & A Design and Construction (1991-1993) where he was not only in charge of the engineering and architectural designs, but also construction methods, means, and procedures.

Mr. Ayrapetyan was consultant to Prof. Dr. Goetz Schierle, PhD FAIA (1990-91) on the following research: National Science Foundation grant: LDG: Lateral Design Graphs, computer program and graphs to design for lateral wind and seismic forces.

PUBLICATION: G. G. Schierle: "Computer Aided Seismic Design", Developments in Structural Engineering (Topping, Editor), Chapman and Hall, London, 1990;

Mr. Ayrapetyan worked on structural designs of commercial and residential buildings at Dimitry K. Vergun Architect / Engineer office (1988-1991). He collaborated on projects designed by architects known nationally and internationally such as Ed Niles, Coop Himmelblau, David Gray, Richard Sol, Skylar Brown, Toby Watson, and many others.

Currently Teaching
  • 405aL
    Building Science III
    Building Science III
    Prerequisite(s): ARCH 305abL Design of building systems as an experimental process.
  • 405bL
    Building Science III
    Building Science III
    Prerequisite(s): ARCH 405aL Design of building systems as an experimental process.
  • 511L
    Seminar Building Systems
    Seminar Building Systems
    Develop an understanding of building materials and assemblies and their characteristics, impacts, and performance. Topics covered include building envelope performance and aesthetics, environmental systems (heating, cooling, daylighting, and acoustics), and basic principles of construction. Students will also develop an understanding of the financial implications of building components and systems.
  • 611
    Advanced Building Systems Integration
    Advanced Building Systems Integration
    No other building system has more impact on the overall look, character and performance of a building than its façade system. However, far too often, aesthetic concerns have dominated façade design discourse while performative considerations have been limited. This course aims to develop a fundamental understanding of the relationship between the façade, building performance (energy consumption) and indoor thermal and visual comfort. We will work to develop a critical awareness of performance issues related to façade systems, the opportunities for enhanced performance and core skills necessary to evaluate, determine and integrate appropriate façade technology. Upon completion of the course, students will: Understand fundamental principles of façade construction and detailing. Understand fundamental relationships between energy, environment and building enclosure. Utilize appropriate modeling and analysis software. Develop core skills to evaluate, determine and integrate appropriate façade technology. Develop high performance façade proposals. Develop framework for further ongoing research on the subject.
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