exhibition:Salty Urbanism: Brooks + Scarpa

04/01/19 – 04/19/19, 10:00AM

  • Monday, April 01, 2019
    – Saturday, April 19, 2019
    10:00AM - 6:00PM
    Verle Annis Gallery

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A reception in Verle Annis Gallery will follow the Brooks + Scarpa lecture on Wednesday, April 10.

Salty Urbanism: Brooks + Scarpa is an exhibition of research that examines the wicked problem of sea level rise and flooding in coastal cities. This is a critical concern since nearly half the U.S. population lives within 50 miles [80 km] of the coast and involves most major commercial, leisure, and import/export enterprises. Hence, much of the economic activity of the nation is tied to coastal communities. Various researchers have already noted impacts on coastal and island environments and most coastal communities are cognizant of the ongoing discussion about a threefold threat: sea level rise, the associated loss of soil storage capacity, and more intense storms overwhelming the current “stormwater” infrastructure. As a result of these environmental threats, critical infrastructure, both horizontal and vertical, is at immediate risk.

Utilizing the North Beach Village neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Venice Beach, California as case studies, “Salty Urbanism” establishes an interdisciplinary team to develop a coupled research methodology and pedagogical approach that envisions and quantifies the experiential and ecological outcomes of alternative ways forward for the neighborhood in response to climate instability, disruption and rising sea levels. These outcomes consider an inevitable future of saturated landscapes and, as a result, integrate research models that accommodate a variety of best management practices (BMP), low impact development (LID), green infrastructure (GI), and other alternative concepts to be implemented over time in the neighborhood adaptation plan.

This exhibition was made possible by the Ternstrom Family Endowment for Excellence.

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