Research Seminar:
'Black City: the Los Angeles Edition'

09/09/20, 12:00PM

  • Wednesday, September 09, 2020

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J. Yolande Daniels

Assistant Professor

USC School of Architecture 

black city: the Los Angeles edition, examines spatial subordination through patterns of disinvestment and the development of majority black cities in the late twentieth century, and, re-investment and the re-emergence of majority-minority city/states in the twenty-first century. 

Research of African-American settlement in Los Angeles yields historic eventscapes of customs, policies and laws and narratives of Black community building efforts at every stage of development from the from origin of the Pueblo de Los Angeles founded by the Spanish in 1781, through statehood in the United States of America in 1850 to the present day.

Conceived as one of ten installations for the exhibition Reconstructions: Architecture and Blackness in America set to open at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in the Issues in Contemporary Architecture series in 2021, the project builds upon a body of work, principally the urban analysis, black city, that explores the elision of the representational tropes of “blackness” on the lives and spaces of African-Americans.

Image credit: black city: the Los Angeles edition, Race(2), J. Yolande Daniels, Chaila A. Johnson