Fernando Luiz Lara

02/03/21, 6:00PM

  • Thursday, February 03, 2021

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Support provided by the Becket Endowment for Community Design

Fernando Luiz Lara works on theorizing spaces of the Americas with emphasis on the dissemination of architecture and planning ideas beyond the traditional disciplinary boundaries. In his several articles, Prof. Lara has discussed the modern and the contemporary architecture of our continent, its meaning, context and social-economic insertion. His latest publications include Excepcionalidad del Modernismo Brasileño; Modern Architecture in Latin America (Hamilton Award runner up 2015) and Quid Novi (Anparq best book award 2016). Prof. Lara holds the Potter Rose Professorship in Urban Planning at the University of Texas at Austin where he currently serves as Director of the Ph.D. Program in Architecture.

Fernando Luiz Lara
Fernando Luiz Lara
University of Texas at Austin