Technology Conversation:
“Designing Down the Barrier”

01/29/20, 6:00PM

  • Thursday, January 29, 2020
    Gin D. Wong, FAIA Conference Center, Harris 101

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Photo: The Hearth, Courtesy of Virginia San Fratello

Co-moderator: Jose Sanchez, USC Architecture

Co-moderator: Bhavna Sharma, Ph.D., USC Architecture

Yanni Loukissas, Ph.D., Georgia Tech

Catie Newell, University of Michigan

Virginia San Fratello, San Jose State University

The field of architecture has alienated itself from the general public. It has become increasingly difficult to bridge the disciplinary conversations happening in academia with the concerns of citizens and their expectations from the built environment. “Designing Down the Barrier” is an opportunity to discuss how architecture projects can engage hyper-local contexts and generate bridges with communities. The event will question how architecture engages the ‘border’ in the face of economic inequality. The conversation will be framed in the context of globalized social media technology, public engagement and ‘Do-It-Yourself’ initiatives. 

Made possible by the Nabih Youssef Endowed Lecture on Structural Design Innovation Fund