• Thursday, April 11, 2024

    Harris and Fisher Courtyards

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2024 USC Architecture

Research Symposium

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Resilient Futures: Bridging Tradition and Innovation in the Living Environment

We are excited to invite submissions for the 2024 Annual Research Symposium titled "Resilient Futures: Bridging Tradition and Innovation in the Living Environment," hosted by the USC School of Architecture on April 11, 2024, at Harris and Fisher Courtyards. This event aims to foster a dialogue on blending traditional practices with modern innovations to tackle today's challenges, creating sustainable, adaptable, and culturally resonant living environments.

Our symposium seeks contributions from disciplines across architecture, landscape architecture, heritage conservation, and building science, highlighting the critical role of integrated design in enhancing structural performance, social harmony, and ecological balance. We are mainly focused on the interplay between human and environmental well-being, emphasizing architectural and design practices that promote a harmonious relationship between humanity and its habitat, aiming to elevate the quality of life within our constructed and natural surroundings.

This symposium promises a rich program of keynotes, panels, and interactive sessions, alongside networking opportunities and a showcase of the latest research and innovations in design, conservation, and technology integration. We invite our entire USC Architecture community, including students, faculty, alumni, and professionals, to contribute and participate in this forward-looking discussion.

Student presentations will be reviewed by a panel of experts, with the chance to win awards and cash prizes, including the prestigious Best Research Award and Honors of Mention. It's a fantastic opportunity to showcase your creativity and research prowess to the broader academic community.

We welcome proposals for the following sessions:

  • Design for Harmonious Living: Exploring innovative design strategies that blend human experiences with the intrinsic qualities of their surroundings, aiming to create spaces where functionality meets aesthetic elegance, thereby enhancing lifestyle and cultural expression through thoughtful integration of design principles that prioritize human well-being and environmental synergy.
  • Conservation as a Catalyst for Resilience: Highlighting the role of heritage conservation in sustainable development, examining how preserving and adapting existing built environments can contribute to ecological balance and cultural continuity.
  • Technology and the Built Environment: Investigating the integration of advanced technologies in architecture and building science to enhance the performance, efficiency, and sustainability of structures, while also considering their impact on human well-being and environmental health.

Presentation Proposal Abstract Submission: Submit Presentation Here

Important Dates:

Abstract Submission Due: February 29, 2024

Selection Announcement: March 18, 2024

USC Architecture Research Symposium: April 11, 2024*

*(The detailed program will be announced after the selections are confirmed.)

If you have any questions, please contact Kay Chang (kaychang@usc.edu) or Joon-Ho Choi (joonhoch@usc.edu).


2024 Research Symposium Organizing Committee

Meredith Reitan, Geoffrey von Oyen, Joon-Ho Choi

Joon-Ho Choi Ph.D., LEED AP, Assoc. AIA

Associate Dean of Research and Creative Work

Associate Professor, Building Science

Director, Center for Wellness in the Built Environment

AC Martin Family Fund for Faculty Excellence in Architecture and Building Science