Perspectives in History and Theory in Architecture - Architectures of Occupation and Resistance


What does the architecture of buildings and cities tell us about systematic oppression and political control? What options for resistance exist in deeply entrenched spaces and structures of domination and dispossession? In this course, we will explore how the design of the built environment is shaped by social hierarchies and political agendas. In addition, we will examine how occupation and resistance are in constant flux, and how the dispossessed manage to find ways to act politically and resist strategies of domination through their everyday spatial practices and tactics.


The course aims to:

  • demonstrate the relevance of architecture and planning perspectives to the study of power and resistance in modern society;
  • signify the design of the built environment as not only a technical process, but also as a product of political motivations and social hierarchies;
  • introduce tools needed to decipher social beliefs systems and political agendas underlying various architectural and planning schemes.


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