Exhibition: "SOUPERgreen SPREADS!"

Exhibition: "SOUPERgreen SPREADS!"

August 21, 2018

Verle Annis Gallery, Harris Hall

Aug. 21-Sept. 7


SOUPERgreen!—Souped Up Green Architecture is a recently published book that makes a compelling case for reframing architecture’s approach to “environmental performance.” Featuring case study projects and critical essays, SOUPERgreen! demonstrates how architecture can stage dramatic performances of environmental engagement that profoundly alter, enhance, and transform the public’s understanding of and actions toward the environment. This work stands in sharp contrast to contemporary examples of “green” or “sustainable” architecture that rely primarily on the invisible agency of unremarkable technologies and materials to reduce resource consumption, but which do so without producing a necessary shift in the public’s perception of the environment or behavior towards it. Instead, by leveraging the inherently aesthetic and expressive nature of technology in order to dramatize the constantly negotiated relationship between humanity and the natural world, the “souped up” green architecture featured in SOUPERgreen! transforms “greenness” into a dramatic performance of new environmental realities that reveal ways of engaging and understanding the world that are inherently more ecological.


SOUPERgreen SPREADS! invokes both this broader dissemination of the SOUPERgreen proposition, as well as the means by which it is achieved. Featuring selected spreads from the SOUPERgreen! book, this exhibition demonstrates its orchestration of architectural design and representation, discourse, graphic design, and typography into a coherent visual and discursive argument—one that graphically reinforces the exuberance, dynamism, and dramatic spectacle of the “souped up” green architecture for which it advocates.


Doug Jackson is an architect whose work examines new conditions of formal, spatial, and experiential agency occasioned by the dynamic spatial realities of contemporary networks and ecologies. He is the editor of SOUPERgreen! Souped-Up Green Architecture, published by Actar in 2017, for which he was also awarded a grant from the Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts, as well as the editor for the Journal of Architectural Education issue on “Environments.” Formerly a partner at the award-winning and internationally recognized office of Jones, Partners: Architecture, he is now the principal of the Doug Jackson Design Office and a Professor of Architecture at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA.