July 15, 2013

USC School of Architecture


the Seventh Annual BIM Symposium on Building Information Modeling:

Views from the Academy and the Profession


Conference coordinators:  Karen Kensek,, and Douglas Noble

 (website last updated 1 July 2013 – NOT DONE YET!)



BIM Futures 2013 will be held July 15th and 16th at the University of Southern California and is sponsored by the School of Architecture, the Chase L. Leavitt Master of Building Science Program. I am sorry for the primitive website, but I don’t have time to make it graphically compelling although I will keep it updated with current information.


This symposium will focus on the future of BIM, both from academic and professional viewpoints. Past events have quickly sold out; don’t wait until the last minute to register. Each day will have about 10 – 15 speakers discussing the role, implementation, and future of building information modeling.  The current list of confirmed speakers is listed below.




HP.jpg  GS-ArchiCAD-white.png




REGISTER HERE  (please remember that there are NO REFUNDS!)


Early bird registration is $10 for Monday, $25 for Tuesday. We CANNOT refund anything that you pay for on the website.  Really.  But you can send someone else instead – just have him/her check-in with the name that was registered.


Register separately for each day.  Yes, there is a small fee for each day – we noticed that if we don’t charge something some people sign up and then forget to show up or cancel thus preventing others who wanted to attend from coming.  We have a limited amount of spaces based on the size of the available lecture hall.


Monday, July 15th – Academic View  

Tuesday, July 16th – Professional View


The final complete schedule with the order of the speakers will be posted HERE a week before the symposium.  Each day will go from approximately 8 am – 4:30 pm.



Monday, July 15th – Academic View – Thought Leaders of BIM

REGISTER HERE  (please remember that there are NO REFUNDS!)


Current list of confirmed speakers and affiliation.


Chandler Ahrens, Washington University, St. Louis, and Aaron Sprecher, McGill University, Engine of inFormation: Big data from small buildings


Mark Clayton, Texas A&M University, Learning with BIM: Architectural Concepts Embodied in Software


Peggy Deamer, Yale University, BIM, Marx, and Immaterial Labor


Stephen Hagan FAIA, Hagan Technologies LLC, AIA TAP


Anton Harfmann, University of Cincinnati


Timothy Hemsath, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Conceptual Energy Modeling:  Impact of Using Building Performance Simulation in Early Design Stages


Brian Johnson, University of WashingtonOne BIM to Rule Them All:  Future Reality or Myth?


Henry Johnstone, University of Arizona


Calvin Kam, Stanford University, CIFE


Karen Kensek, University of Southern California, BIM +10:  a Journey to the Future


Vallie Miranda, Texas A&M University, Architectural Programming in BIM


Murali Paranandi, Miami University, Ohio, Conceptual Information Modeling:  Fostering Creativity Through Transmedia Workflows


Paola Sanguinetti, Kansas University


Dennis Shelden, MIT


Hugo Sheward, Georgia Institute of Technology, Knowledge Based Building Information Modeling


Andrzej Zarzycki, New Jersey Institute of Technology



Tuesday, July 16th – Professional View – Case Studies

REGISTER HERE  (please remember that there are NO REFUNDS!)


Current list of confirmed firms and speakers.

(list is almost complete – update the information with all the firms and speakers)


AECOM: Brion Broucher


Buro Happold: Kurt Komraus and Sarah David


CO Architects: Jenna Knudsen


Gensler: Reg Prentice


HDR: Matt Goldsberry


Hensel Phelps


HGA with TITAN AEC: Jonathan Bartling (HGA), Blaine Grantham (Titan AEC), TJ Tutay (Titan AEC)


HMC: Yunnan Allen


Morphosis: Kerenza Harris


Thornton Tomasetti: Jonatan Schumacher


Turner Construction Company: Viktor Bullain and Rocio Gonzalez







Practical BIM 2012 Proceedings


Practical BIM 2012 pdf file (about 12 MB)



Location and Parking


The lecture hall location will be announced once we reserved a room on campus. The default location is Harris Hall 101. 

University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA 90089
Map of Campus ( 

Sorry, but the fee for parking is NOT included with registration. Although pricey ($10), the most convenient parking, and least likely to get you a parking ticket, is on-campus. Once we know exactly which lecture hall we are using, you can choose which parking structure is closest.



Accommodations and Transportation


For participants that need accommodation, there is a Radisson Hotel right across the street from USC and a Vagabond Inn less than 15 minutes walking distance. There are also lots of nice hotels in downtown Los Angeles including the JW Marriott Los Angeles. The LA Convention Center is about 2 miles north of campus and a DASH F bus runs from there to USC; any hotels in that area could be considered.

The DASH F bus is $0.50 (exact change) and stops at many locations on the perimeter of USC and north to downtown.  Check the DASH website to see if it is convenient from your hotel.


The Expo Rail Line has two stops near the USC campus.


A wealth of information is available at the Metro website for busses also.

USC Nearby Accommodation Map



AIA Continuing Education Units


If you are an AIA member and wish to sign up for CEUs, please remember to bring your AIA number with you. It will be somewhere around 5 CEUs per day.  We will set this up, but have not yet. These are NOT HWS units.



Sponsorships and Contact Information

Sponsorships are available at all levels.  Please contact Karen Kensek for further information.