Please provide the following information to Raquel Yarber, Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration, for consideration:


  • Brief description of organization and its goals
  • List of Members & titles (must have President and Treasurer; contact info - prefer email)
  • Faculty Coordinator 
  • Proposed Budget & activities (For academic year - August 16 to May 15; Signed by 2 committee members - prefer President & Treasurer; Must have outside sources of funding, sponsors, etc.)

In order to obtain school support, your organization must also show equal fundraising and support from outside sources. Architectural Guild funds are not considered an outside source. Funds will be given consideration to match outside funds, i.e. sponsorships. There may also be a cap of funds alloted per event.


Once the 4 items above are received, the Business Office will process the request. If approved by the Associate Dean and Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration, an approval email will be sent to the President and Treasurer to advise of the approval and any applicable conditions. The Business Office will then meet with the President and Treasurer, plus any members who wish to be present to review expenditure procedures and answer any questions.


Please note, we ask that individual requests not be submitted by single students on behalf of the organization, nor requests made for individual events. All requests should flow through the organization's committee for review and approval. The approved items should be included in the budget and proposal, and submitted to the Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration by the President and Treasurer. Any individual request received, will be referred back to the committee.


In the case that new events arise after a budget has been submitted and approved, a revised budget should be provided to the Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration with a brief justification for the change, to re-approve.