Logging In and Out Logging In to Kuali 

To log in to the Kuali system, type www.usc.edu/kuali in the address field of your browser. When the “Kuali at USC” page is displayed, click the Kuali Login button. (Alternatively, you can use the following direct link to the login screen for Kuali: http://fbs.usc.edu/depts/kuali).


The “USCnet Login” page will be displayed 

Enter your USC NetID user name and password, and click the Login button to log in to Kuali. Your USC NetID is the first part of your original, official USC e-mail address; the part before the @ symbol. For example, if your official USC email address was “ttrojan@usc.edu”, then ttrojan would be your USC NetID. Note that if you have changed your email address since you began working at the university, your USC NetID would still be based on the original assigned email address. If you do not know your USC NetID or password, call ITS at 213-740-5555 (UPC) or 323-422-1968 (HSC).


If your login is successful, the Kuali screen should immediately open in your browser, with the Financial Main Menu tab displayed.


Logging Out of Kuali 

To log out of Kuali, you must close all open windows of your Web browser using the standard window Close button. (On an Apple computer running the OS X operating system, you must also quit the browser.)


Using the Action List 

The action list enables you to view and act on eDocs that require your completion by way of Approve requests. There are two ways to access eDocs in your action list that require your attention: 

  • Log into Kuali to access your action list. When you log into the Kuali system in the standard way, you can click the "Action List" in the upper left corner of the screen to view your action list. 
  • Respond to system-generated email notifications. When an Action List Reminder email message is sent to you from the Kuali system, it will include a link to access your action list. When you click that link, your browser will present the “USCnet Login” page, and after you have logged in, your action list will be displayed. However, note that when your action list is accessed in this way, it is displayed alone, without the other on-screen elements (e.g., menu tabs, document search button, USC logo-link, etc.) that constitute the full system screen. Your ability to interact with the Kuali system is therefore primarily limited to viewing and acting on eDocs in your action list. Please also be aware that if you access your action list by clicking the link in an Action List Reminder email message pertaining to an eDoc that has already been approved, an error message may be displayed.

Responding to an "Approval" Request 

To enter an action, you must open the eDoc from your action list, review the document and attachments, and provide your approval.