Have you been asked to plan an event?


If the event involves an outside vendor, please check with the Business Office to first determine if and how we can do business. If the vendor has an agreement, please submit to the Business Office for handling. Do not sign any agreement.

Once the Business Office approves the event, please proceed to this next step:

Start the planning process three weeks in advance of the event date. There are mandatory forms, permits, and departmental approvals required. Please visit:


Trojan Event Services

Campus Venues for the USC Community: Forms and Permits

Visit Page

All required forms, permits, and approvals must be presented to the Business Office to proceed with vendor payment. No payment will be processed without all required documents and approvals.



The University has approximately 350 approved outside vendors. If you’d like to cater an event using an outside vendor, please contact Alexandra Hypolite ahypolit@usc.edu to provide recommendations (food preference required). Once a vendor selection is made, place your order and submit your estimate to Alexandra for payment handling.