Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies students will demonstrate the following learning objectives upon completion of this degree program:

An understanding of architecture as a deeply human endeavor; one that is fundamental to culture, health and well being, and life in general, as well as a force for positive and meaningful change in the world.

The ability to create and communicate the conceptual, contextual, spatial and technical aspects of design through drawings and models, as well as proficiency in written and verbal communication.

The ability to thrive in a rigorous intellectual climate, one which promotes inquiry through design research, problem-solving, critical thinking and spatial awareness.

The ability to think critically about the value, promise, complexity and interconnectedness of urban life in a global context, through the continual exploration of Los Angeles, the second largest urban region in the country.

The ability to work collaboratively as a member of an interdisciplinary team on complex problems involving the built environment.

The potential to pursue graduate studies in architecture or allied disciplines, or a variety of career options.

A breadth of knowledge (after completing the university’s general education program, professional electives and free electives), allowing each student to consider themselves (and to be considered by other people) a generally well-educated person.