Certificate in Building Science

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Building science at USC recognizes that exemplary architecture requires a creative response to natural forces, based on informed good judgment in the areas of architectural technology. The Certificate in Building Science is intended as a supplement for students enrolled in graduate course work in architecture, landscape architecture, his­toric preservation, urban planning or related discipline.


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Completion of the certificate requires a mini­mum of 16 units. Students must take three core courses. Electives in building science may be taken to complete the program requirements.


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Following is the program curriculum for the 2013-2014 Academic Year.  For the previous year, please consult the online Catalogue: 

USC Architecture Catalogue 2012-2013


The official source of information for USC Academic Policies and Procedures is the USC Catalogue.


Required Courses Units
Choose Three of the following six courses  

511L, or


Building Systems, or

Advanced Building Systems Integration


513L, or


Seminar: Advanced Structures, or

Seminar: Structures Research


515L, or


Seminar: Advanced Environmental Systems, or

Seminar: Environmental Systems Research

  Elective(s) in Building Science 4


Sample Electives (or as approved by Program Faculty Advisor or Director) Units
507 Theories of Computer Technology 3
517 Current Topics in Building Science 2, max 6
519 Sustainability in the Environment: Infrastructures, Urban Landscapes, and Buildings 3
573 Seismic Design 2
577L Lighting Design 4
  One from the list of required courses that was not yet selected 4

Note: Required courses for this certificate cannot also be required courses in the student's major in the School of Architecture.