Smooth Criminals (2016-2017) Advanced Games Project | 2D/3D Artists - USC Cinematic Arts

Want to create a cool-looking modern museum? Want to create a game with an awesome team open to any of your ideas?


Then SMOOTH CRIMINALS is for you!


SMOOTH CRIMINALS is a 2016-2017 Advanced Game Project that is currently looking for talented 2D and 3D artists to join the team!


SMOOTH CRIMINALS is a 3D real-time strategy/stealth game where you control a team of wacky animal art thieves stealing from a crazy modern art museum filled with guards, traps and many Looney Tunes-esque hijinks.

We are looking for people with skills in any of these fields:

  • 2D Character/Environment Concept Art
  • 3D Character/Environment Modeling
  • 3D Character Animation
  • 3D Technical Art/Rigging
  • Narrative/Storywriting


To apply:

If any of these skills apply to you, we’d love to get in touch! Please send in your resume and portfolio to