Job Description:
Vincent Pocsik is a furniture artist in Los Angeles with a formal background in Architecture.   Immediately after graduating from the March2 program at SciArc he started a studio focusing heavily on digital fabrication.   After several years of producing custom furniture he decided to create a furniture line, which launched July of 2016 – Series001.  Currently the studio is producing that line of furniture, along with working on his new line – S002 On the Meridian.


The candidate should have a strong desire expand their formal knowledge of design, as well as how it transfers into a physical object.  This internship will require one to get their hands dirty, so it is important that you have basic knowledge of a wood shop.  It is not required, but the ideal candidate will be proficient in basic digital tools: Adobe suite, Rhino, Maya etc., as well as have experience with digital fabrication.


Application Instructions & Contact Info:
Email a short description of yourself, your background and a CV if you have it(not required) to: