Design Rendering for Affordable/Market Rate Sustainable Pre Fab Homes

Job Description:
We would like to develop a community to build 1,000 affordable/market rate pre fab sustainable homes.  The community would include a charter school and recreation center.

At this time the location is not determined but we are looking at areas throughout the U.S. that can sustantain the land usage.  This project requires at least 100 acres and the land in CA is appraised too high to make this feasible at an affordable rate.



Must be a forward thinker in knowing what design would be best suited for a large community and incorporate green living into a prefab module is important.  This will be the first of its kind in the U.S. and will be a model to others to use to grow similar commities.


Application Instructions & Contact Info:

Please call:  Pat Eisenberg at 310 266 6564 or email me at