Architect/Student Needed to Produce Drawings of Existing Addition

Job Description:
No construction work to be done, but plans are needed to get a permit to legalize the old addition

My mother-in-law owns a house that was built in the 50's that had it's garage converted into a mother-in-law suite in the mid 90's but was never permitted.  Recent regulations from the county and city are allowing her to get it properly permitted, but we need the following list.  This is the entire list of requirements for the drawings we need, but much of it does not apply due to the structure being built with the original house back in the 50's.  We have obtained the original permits for some changes that also include some of the needed drawings that just need copying.  Essentially, we need a few hours of exploring and measuring things, and then several more hours of relatively simple CAD drawings.  Compensation 300$-500$ based on experience and time required.

1: Plot Plan - 
   :dimensions of property (lot size) and "proposed" addition
   :locations and uses of existing buildings and "proposed" addition
   :distances from "proposed" addition to existing buildings and property lines

2. Floor Plan
   :dimensions of the "new" addition
   :dimensions of existing adjoining rooms and window sizes
   :locations and sizes of new windows, doors, and plumbing fixtures

3. Framing Plan
   :types of material. locations, sizes, spans and spacings of all new structural members (ridge sheathing, roof, and ceiling joists, posts, .. etc)
   :structural connections between addition and existing construction

4. Foundation Plan
   :dimensions and width of new continuous footings
   :locations of new piers and crawlspace openings
   :sizes, spans, and spacings of new sheathing, girders, and floor joists (for raised floors only)

5. Elevations
   :two exterior views of "addition"
   :roofing material specifications and pitch
   :locations of new windows, doors and attic ventilation openings. 

6. Construction Detail
   :ceiling height of addition
   :insulation materials for floor, wall, and attic
   :interior and exterior finish
   :sizes, spans, and spacing of new structural members for floor, roof and foundation assemblies

7. Energy Conservation
   :size of water heater, AC unit/heater, CF-1R and MF1-R energy compliance forms

8. Attach information Bulletin P/BC 2014-004 to plans



Student or Alumni, CAD Proficient


Application Instructions & Contact Info:

Please contact the home owner, Jeanne Summers at 818-705-4972 or 818-523-5881 (does not use email) or myself, Chris Farrington (626-354-0638 or